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Unwrapping Christmas       Unwrapping Christmas 

Unwrapping Christmas is a short horror game where you discover the mystery of Christmas.

Game Info

You play as a man that bought a cabin in the woods to spend the winter in nature. Strange series of events start happening that lead up to discovering the secret of Christmas that has been hidden for many years.

The game has a total of 3 endings (around 20 mins of gameplay). 


  • well-developed story
  • creepy atmosphere 
  • engaging gameplay
  • secrets/easter eggs and more!


W A S DMove



Tudypie and TheBlindEye

3D Models:

Tudypie and TheBlindEye

From Unity Asset Store

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution:

Sound Effects: 

Additional Info

We hope you enjoy playing our game and please leave a comment providing feedback :)

You can also follow us on Twitter to see updates and new releases: @tudypie1 & @BlindeyeThe

If you want to support us you can donate here: TudypieThe BlindEye

Release date Dec 23, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorsTudypie, The BlindEye
GenreAdventure, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Christmas, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Unwrapping Christmas 1.2 333 MB

Install instructions

  • Download the .zip file and locate it on your PC.
  • Right-click on it and select "Extract Here".
  • This will extract all the game files into a folder on your PC. Launch the executable and enjoy! :D

Development log


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I enjoyed this game! 


Opened with this game for my Itch.io Holiday pack this year! It was a fun, spooky way to start the video off. I got 2 of the 3 endings! (gameplay starts around 20 seconds in)

Was not expecting that!! HOLY CRAP!!


This game had more to it than I expected. 100% was expecting a bear attack the whole time! XD and I loved the concept of a parasitic species of Santa's. It was so unique and creepy lol 

Would have loved if the walk back to the house (when the trees were falling) had been a survival/chase event where Santa Josh is trying to kill you or something! 


Gameplay en español

Very Creepy Game I Love It


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  You wont believe what santa got me this year!!! GG 

This was honestly very delightful and pretty fun to play the lore/backstory is also pretty fun and sets a nice tone 4:01 starts my playthrough


This is such a cute Christmas themed Horror game! <3 We had a lot of fun with it!


its that time of year again!


help me get the other 2 ending i got number 3#

Ending 1: Don't help the Reindeer (Do not take the Med kit with you)
Ending 2: Help the Reindeer and then go home
Ending 3: Help the Reindeer and hop onto the Slay


I had a lot of fun with this game and just posted the LP to my YouTube channel, so feel free to check it out if you want.  Fun little experience and very well done.

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I enjoyed this little festive horror game and got all 3 endings.  I certainly won't be sending my xmas list to Santa Josh!!! I made a video of it, please take a look!


I liked this game. I couldn't figure out how to get the other endings tho, but im probably just dumb lol. It was fun and i liked the unexpectedness of it. Try this game out. 

Here is my video if your interested in watching


Fun little game, got all 3 endings


Honestly really liked the game! I got 2/3 endings, but still, great game!


where was tim allen? 


Very cool game.


Loved this game! Fear of Xmas now..hahaha...Played here :)


awesome game


Tudypie.... Are you hungry? What's with all the food? lol jk. You keep getting better my friend. But now Black santa wants a burgir.

This was really cool and I wish I could've saved the reindeer...but alas...apparently I'm selfish lol! Great game! 


Great horror game, I managed to get all endings. It was fun to play avoid the trees.


Hey DEVS (@Tudypie & @TheBlindEye) I came back to see how things were going on with your game and I see that you have made improvements. I am impressed with the changes y'all have made and I am glad to see the passion still going strong. Keep up the great work! 

P.s. fuck you for that new jump scare, totally did that expect that XD

Haha thanks for playing again :)


Wonderfully strange. I fell through the map at one point but still had a blast! 


hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 🙏🎅

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Thanks for playing and sorry for the bug. We actually updated the game to 1.2.0 and added a lot of stuff also fixed the bug you encountered :)

oki doki my friend 😘👍


Hello and happy new year!

I finished your game and got the “Alone ending”

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of pixelated graphics, but I do understand why many game devs prefer that style. 

However, I like the concept of mixing horror and Christmas themes together.


  • The best thing about this game is definitely the usage of audio. I like the idea of being able to change the music. 
  • Multiple endings are nice to have in a game.
  • No bugs

A couple of cons:

  • There’s no need for the drawers and closets to be interactable, when there’s nothing to collect. Just a waste of time opening them.
  • Climbing the tower didn’t do anything. I was hoping for some reward or something.

Other than that. I had a fun experience with the game.

I also followed/wishlisted your Steam project. That game looks promising.

Keep it up!



Thank you for the feedback :) and you are right most of the things found in the drawers are useless but it isn't necesary to open them :) 

Show post...


Thanks for playing, also we actually updated the game to version 1.2.


Made a video


Thank you both for playing our game :D


enjoy Christmas late Christmas 

Thank you so much for playing. 

Have a wonderful day :D



Thank you for playing :D


Merci à vous et continuez comme ça c'est super 🙂


This game starts at 18:20

Nice little christmas horror game! I enjoyed this one

Thank you so much for playing. The best moment was at 25:27. 

Have a fantastic day :D


Super jeu, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance ;]


Thank you so much for playing our game.

Have a wonderful day :D


It should be fun. It looks good. Come on, man!


Nice game

Thank you for playing, we hope you enjoyed the game :D


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Hey thanks for playing and sorry for that glitch. It rarely happens and we didn't really find a stable solution to fix it, but we will try to find something and update the game as soon as we can. And yes there are multiple endings, you have to do different things for each one. Thanks for playing :) Keep up those videos! :)

Thanks man I really appreciate it I will keep going on making those videos and I will check out those other endings bro 


Christmas horror games don't usually spook me but this one really did haha thanks for another awesome game!

Thank you for playing :) I am glad that you enjoyed the game and that it scared you xD Also the story is explained more in the other endings :)


a very fun game, I just wish there were more jumpscares

Hey thanks for playing, yeah we actually updated the game adding more jumpscares, remaking some endings and adding more stuff :)

MD Sifat

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