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Game Description

Discover the mythological legend of The Solomonari in this adventure story-rich game. You will play from 2 different perspectives and unveil the mystery of Father Iancu, his son Ptolomeu and Solomon. Featuring stunning graphics, beautiful voice lines and 4 different levels for over 15 minutes of gameplay, I am 100% sure this game will amaze you!

Additional Info

This game was created in 72 hours for Vianu Game Jam 2023. If you enjoyed the game please leave a rating and a comment providing feedback :) Thank you for playing!

The Source Code is public on Github.

PS: This game might contain bugs, please report them!


Tudypie (Tudor Ghican) - Developer/Programmer

Ludosanu Luca - Narrative Designer, Sound Designer, Voice Actor

Jelea Iancu - Narrative Designer, Level Designer, Voice Actor

Additional Help

Ludosanu Ion - Artwork

Hugo - 3D Art


Solomonaris.zip 775 MB

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