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Light switch is a short horror low poly game

Light Switch


Light Switch is a short horror low poly game, around 10-15 mins of gameplay. Contains plenty of walking, interacting with drawers, lamps, lights switches, cupboards etc. and loud sounds :) Discover all the endings. You play as a 12 years old boy that lives in California, USA and is home alone. Do you have the courage to adventure out in the dark? Or will you just turn the lights on? 


- WASD = Walk

- Shift = Sprint

- E = Interact

- ESC = Pause Game


Programming & Visuals by Tudypie 

3D Models by JustCreateLow Poly House Interior

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This game was made in 2 days. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for playing!

IMPORTANT If you are playing the game on a wide monitor or on a 4:3 monitor the UI will not appear correctly! I am sorry for that!

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Updated 27 days ago
Release date 89 days ago
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

1. Locate the game files (usually in downloads folder) and extract it anywhere on your pc

2. Run the .exe file

3. Enjoy the game :)


Light Switch V1.3 - Windows_x64.zip 37 MB

Development log


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Really a nice Game

Tried all the 3 endings

But not very scary 

definitely will play it again to find out what happens in the other endings

A really good short horror game, was actually kind of spooky, if you could subscribe it'd mean a lot. Have a good day


3rd game

I had fun and I can't wait to go back for more!

Oh yeah, you did something great here, I looooved this Tudy, thank you so much

i played this the other day and i got to say its sooo scary, probably one of the creepiest games ive played yet

heaps cool game! I had some troble searching for that damn phone but it was heaps fun still! Everything was so well made and the different endings were also fun to discover! The spooks got me bad though when i least expected it haha: 

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Fun game. 7/10. Love the low poly graphics style.

I need to know if they actually bathe in that dirty old water. Good Game :)

Comments below the clip;

Well made game, that gets a player running through the house, up- and downstairs, in order to get those damned lights out. Needless to say, once you realize you are NOT home alone, the running gets a more scary twist. Everything worked fine, no hiccups or bugs. I enjoyed playing it. Thank the entire dev team! If this game made in just 2 days, what can you guys create in 20...?
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I enjoyed playing this horror game. The lore was nice and the game automatically became bigger when I found out that there was more endings to it. Really cool :)

Really enjoying the
Realyy enjoying the game

loved it

 A fun and interesting little horror, portrayed in the mindset of a 12 year old where there are some great scary moments and a nice layer of uncertainty about what happens when the lights go out!

 There are multiple endings which really give the game a nice touch, it is always nice to give the player a choice in deciding their fates.

 The only thing that was confusing was finding food in every crack and crevice of the house , could it be a reference to something ? It certainly made the game have a nice touch of comedy ( whether that was intentional or not is yet to be decided)

 Overall a fun and enjoyable experience it is always nice to see what creativity and ideas creators come up with!

This game was great! My friends and I played it for a Random Horror Games video.

Game is at 3:26

A cool game. I wish I knew what happened to that carrot lol

can anyone tell me if this game is good?


I like the lowpoly style, adds to the feel of things. A fun little game, good job!

Nice game!

Nice game !

great short indie horror. I have always enjoyed this art style. Great little spooks good job. 2nd game in the set. 

Played it as the first one in the video, short but sweet

Very short but entertaining and scary game, the jump scares got me a few times... Really wish there was an ending where you could save your mom though 馃ぃ


There isn't much to this game but the jumpscares got me a few time. Though, I could easily laugh it off seeing that the creature wasn't really scary at all. I think this would be a good game for a small developer to make if he/she is just starting out.

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This game suck.


Cleanest little game ever. I love the gameplay and multiple endings. I got them all because I enjoyed it so much. Very well done ! 

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Why do parents leave their kids home alone, I don't understand. I left mom at the end tho, freak her when she leaving me home alone. IM STILL YOUNG B*CH!!



I'M LETTING HER DIE TO SAVE MYSELF!!! - Triple Threat #4 - YouTube


This wasn't too shabby. The jump scares were definitely in the right place. I do wish the ending was a little more climatic, however I would still recommend this to people who love thrills!

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I did all the endings! Kinda thinking there's a secret one :3.

Especially with that sus borgir on the bathroom.
Cute graphics and the foods have more budget than the monster lmao.


This game was really fun to play and record! I had a lot of funny moments throughout my playthrough, so check it out here!

goodgratsulations for the game is really good nice job


First game! Amazing game! Had so much fun recording this!


a short but fun game,it was kinda scary too, i made a video reacting to it if anyone is interested :D


This game was really fun and scary I enjoyed it!


Great game :) it was really fun and everything from the story to the jumpscares felt well balanced. I'm glad to have this one on my channel :). Here's the video I made please consider subscribing if you like it :P

Hey thank you for playing :)

You can also check out my new horror game :D


quality game I only saw one ending but I did feature this in my newest YouTube video. This is the 3rd game we played. Keep up the good work.
Hey Tudypie, thanks for making this game! I didn麓t expect so many endings for such a short game, definitely caught me off guard! You had me getting spooped a few times by the jumpscares, so I麓d say it was worth playing your game. The good ending though... not really a good ending, right? Nice use & quality of sounds & music, really well done!


Good quality game, reminds me of when i was a kid that i need to switch off all the lights before going to bed. Keep up the good work! 

Hey Thanks for playing

You can also check out my new horror game :)

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