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Short and simple I enjoyed it, it actually got me once......or twice.....


4/5 game


Thank you for the Game!

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It was a scary game even without ghosts, and what was disappointing was that there were many rooms, but it was a good game except that it was less utilized!


Well put together short game! Got so scared at one point that I knocked my coffee all over the computer lol I'll be looking out for future projects! ^_^


I honestly think this game needs some revisions. For starters, there are too many rooms to go in with no purpose. Going down an enormous hallway with doors covering both sides makes me sad, knowing that all of those rooms have nothing of value in them. Other than that, I think the game has some solid jumpscares, even if it was done by a large wall of sponge, or whatever it is.


I liked this!! There was a lot of mystery that I wish I could have found more answers to. The hallways all looked the same which I don't know if it was intentional or not, it kept me feeling lost. You got a pretty good scream out of me (21:30) because it was so quiet and not much was happening until BAM lmao. Thank you!

played your game at 24:51, great game it was super spooky! Rounded off my 3 scary games well.

Check out my video 🙂

Made a video 

This was a pretty neat and well done game! I especially liked how the world was built and the mysteries about the pill and food were roused. Was a bit disappointed when the built up mysteries didn't go anywhere at the end, but the message son the wall seemed pretty cool and well done! It added to the walls closing in everywhere (though it felt a bit sudden). But yeah, it was a pretty well made game and everything was smooth and it was fun to play it!

Comments below clip;

Karoshi is a Japanese word that literally means: overwork death.

Too bad for me, the protagonist in this story/game is pulling an all-nighter, but something in the building will have none of it. The question thus arises, will I pull through or not?

There's only one way to find out; play the game :o]

I enjoyed this game a lot, as it challenged my [non-existing] sense of direction. I had to go from room to room on various quests to get things done, until I got lost in the maze.

Loved it. Thank you guys, well done!


Very good game


This game keeps it simple for players while still scaring the life out of you.

If you enjoy being scared, this is worth your time.


Interesting game!! It got a good jumpscare out of me LOL. Thanks for making this!

2nd game I played pretty cool 

Well made game. Definitely worth the game play.

Game here: 

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Nice job.  I got lost a couple times, and I sort of wish there was a little more explanation of the story, but I had a good time.

Its short and to the point, i really like it and it got me a few times. I can only take so much horror so the short play time on this is great!


Haha :) Thanks for playing!

Definitely spooky, a little confusing, but fun! Great job!

Hey good game!! It's was a quick experience than i liked.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


It reminds me of one late night, the hallway was too scary and its pretty dark. Good game!


Third game in the video starting at 15:56

Cool little game- evokes feelings of One Late Night, but stylistically is it's own thing. Quite enjoyed it :D

I enjoyed playing it was definitely creepy

good game love all the notes and the rooms and doors where great thanks for the flashlight mech it really helped, good dev good game

watch here 


Nice little horror game, loved it!!

This game was an excellent game to play! It was really creepy, and made me jump plenty of times!

Nice one Tudypie, another great horror game!

Thanks ! :)

And also I really liked your game :)

Thank you so much haha, I appreciate it!

hey! I actually really loved the simple easy to go concept of the game at first. buutt uh im not sure if i got the right ending falling through the map? maybe it was a bug idk ehehe. I really did love playing it though for the short time I got and I look forward to what you do in the future! :) 


that was not supoosed to happen xD I will look into it 

thanks haha! It was still really fun :)

Like the concept. Pretty good. A little too dark (literally not narratively) and was expecting to be chased, but nonetheless enjoyed it. 

ai criador joguei deu jogo ai nesse video

Very cool game, i only had problems with the brightness, which is kinda my fault since i put it at the lowest to avoid hurting my eyes and now my monitor's control panel is broken so i cant adjust it...Anyway, this is the first game i got a "sort of" hard jumpscare in a very long time. Keep up the good work! 

Amazing!!! Multiple Spooks!!! thank you for this experience! it was a bit confusing at first, but in the end i surely shat myself

Hi there,,

I would like to collaborate with you on your next projects.

I'm a game writer for various indie studios , and always on the lookout for new challengers.

My role as a writer is to formulate character / narrative driven documents , gaming and character backstories , as well as implementing puzzles and side quests.

I too have completed my first kinetic VN - Axiom Alternative. Available for purchase on STEAM, and very soon will be working on another VN project with a different studio, and Axiom Alternative 2 is currently available on STEAM. I'm up for any challenge, and would like the opportunity to show your studio what writing material I can bring to the table.

I'm currently working on a document for a psychological, horror type game. Maybe we could collab on future gaming projects.

Any questions, feel free to ask.



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Hey, contact me on discord #Tudypie9855

will do. And sorry for the late reply

I loved Light Switch and when I saw your name, I knew I had to play this. This game scared me hard. Overall really good. 

Nice, simple and creepy game with a bit of scariness. I especially liked the graphics and that creepy atmosphere :)

This was a weird but fun and scary game, i suggest giving it a shot yourself. If you can check out my playthrough and maybe subscribe i'd appreciate it alot. Have a good day :) (game starts at 3:17)

This was a great horror experience! I love how the office starts to change while walking through it, had me a bit jumbled up for a while. I think it would be really cool to have some sort of enemy walking through the halls and the player needs to avoid it using stealth or just running away. But as it stands, this game does a great job of providing a spooky atmosphere. I enjoyed playing this!

i loved this game and i enjoyed one of your previous "light switch". I'd appreciate anyone watching my new video and subscribing if you enjoy! 

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