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That creature didn't want me to leave in the car! Good atmosphere for the game. 


OMS Got my heart pounding! lol Nice job; I really enjoyed this. Thought I was never gonna get past filling the car though lol

Thank you for checking out my games! Keep up the videos!

No problem! Thanks for sharing your creations ^_^ Thanks!


My heart was really surprised. It was a really scary game.

Was this a PSX Styled Horror Game?!

Pretty fucking scary!

I enjoyed your game my friend and Light Switch was really good too :). All 3 ending were great and unexpected. Over all the length of the game was perfect and felt complete, it was a good combination of problem solving and survival. Here is my play through of it and I hope you enjoy it enough to support my channel and subscribe :P

Thanks for playing :)

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                                                          very scary got all the ending to bonus! good game
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Had a blast playing your latest game!
The jump scares are brilliant!
Can't wait to play your next one!

not a bad game, it was more funny than scary but overall it's a fun game , i made a video playing it, if anyone's interested :D

really like the game and how it has more than one ending. very spooky as well and had a few scares. I can't wait for more games from you!

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Ótimo jogo, parabéns!
A ideia de trazer vários finais foi muito boa.
O jogador tendo conseguido fugir do primeiro ambiente e saber que mesmo fora de lá o jogo não acabou é algo interessante, deixa o jogador com uma sensação de que ele não está seguro em lugar algum e deve fugir para muito longe dali se quiser continuar vivo!

Vídeo programado para o dia 29/08.

At least he was nice enough to let you finish your phone call. Very fun and tense game. The chase sequences made me sweat. Keep up the good work!

Multiple endings are fun to find, the chase sequence was great, and I the final bit was tense but really enjoyable. Another well done job.

Thank you so much for the positive feedback :) My next project is coming soon :D

Buen juego, todos los finales conseguidos, me a gustado mucho.

Gracias por jugar :) Mi próximo juego de terror llegará pronto.

Lo esperare con ansias

I thought he was a lot of fun. It's not that scary, but I liked the idea. Congratulations for the game.

Thanks for playing :)

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I absolutley loved this! got all endings, thanks for an awesome game :)


Haha, thank you for playing :) Happy to see you enjoyed the game :)

hi ;)

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nice creepy

So many jumpscares. :)

Started following you after playing Light Switch, was not disappointed! Another solid submission, I love the multiple endings, gives more replayability and gives the player something to work to. Atmosphere and level design was great, I do enjoy low poly and PSX styled horror games and the enemy was genuinely scary to be pursued by.  

Great work TudyPie! Look forward to seeing more from you!


Thanks for the feedback :) I am happy to see you enjoyed the game. More games are coming :D


Good game. I liked the creature and the endings. Side note, the creature can't seem to get you if you jump up on things.

Scariest one i have played from you so far, didn't help that i chugged a energy drink before playing. Great game with multiple endings.

Managed to find 2 endings, not sure how the trigger the last one.

Thanks for playing :) Glad you enjoyed the game :)