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The Demon trapped me in here... I have to find a way OUT...

thanks for watching this video <3

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This is a great game! A puzzle and a jump scare with a nice environment to explore. Wish I had a flashlight, it got too dark. Game here:

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For a game that was made by a solo game developer, I would definitely say this was very well done. Even though the jumpscares were scarce, they were definitely not expected. Even though I didn't read almost any of the story initially, I went back and read it, and I got to say, it is very unnerving. The fact that this seems to all be happening in your mind is quite fascinating; I wouldn't quite say it is a super-original concept, but it is a concept that was well executed by you. 

Gameplay wise, however, I will say it's a bit lacking. The fact that I can open every single drawer and cabinet, and only ever find food (which I thought was hilarious) and the occasional note, was a little bit obnoxious. The puzzle at the beginning had me thinking I had to open every single drawer to potentially find a combination somewhere within them, I will definitely say is a bit ridiculous. That random combination "puzzle" seemed a bit misplaced, and it felt like it was more a thing to take up time, than it was an actual puzzle. I will say I definitely enjoyed the fact that the overall game was very straightforward: there were no wrong turns, and the combination to the locked door was very obvious once I found out that the combination wasn't on paper.

At the end of the day, I will definitely say that this game was very well-made. I look forward to playing more of your games in the future!


there was the one jump scare that really got me good 

He Never Left He Never Left | Escape from this terrifying red-eyed creature. (Full Subtitles)

LOVED this game!!! This game was super fun to play, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The plot was good, the characters were good, the environment was good, all around an awesome experience.




Good game :)



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This was a great game loved it and i like how you did the code in the beginning of the game

Nice scary game!

What a great game to play, if you have not played this yet.  I really recommend you playing it.

This was great! The story really shines here, pretty well written and captivating! A couple jump scares to keep up the spooks, and a nice and creepy atmosphere. Overall, an enjoyable experience!

Great story!


hey that was actually really funny. good game too!

Its the jump scare for me!

This was a really creepy and fun game. The notes were well written and conveyed the story very well. Keep up the great work! 

HE NEVER LEAVES! I Enjoyed This Game! I Loved The Puzzles And Notes Left Around! 

Comments below clip;

It felt like I'd been walking for hours on end. From one hallway to the next and from one room to another, but I finished the game in under 10 minutes.  It had puzzle elements, plus attempts to find the right way, the right room and the right guy. Simply loved playing it. Well done, guys!

A really good short horror game and enjoyable had fun playing it and the end really got to me

I liked the story and how it was told little by little. There really wasn't any big problems in the game and it was quite enjoyable to play. I think more puzzles would have been fun though.

Very cool.  I liked the story and the sense of foreboding the game delivers.

This Was A Really Good Game!!!!!!

A really nice short horror game, nothing particularly special with it but also nothing wrong, great for a short spook during this season.

Also why so many food on the floor man, I am hungry!

Thank you :D

I think this one is the best one yet by Tudypie! I love the detail to the story to give the creature a history and relationship with the audience. Good jumpscares, and as always, FOOOOOOD!!! Here's my playthrough! Consider dropping a like and subscribe if you enjoy! :)

Thanks for playing :)) Keep up the videos!

dude your video's so good! keep it up! you're very funny tho

Thanks all!

Perfect as always. Loved to playt this, almost shi* myself on the jumpscare bro. It was great!

Haha :) Thanks for playing!

This is really good horror game! The jumpscare got me in the hallway and the ending. Smooth gameplay too. Overall great game!


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :)


Thanks Markotonic! Those two places also got me xD

Cool game!

Thank you evapilot03 :D

You're welcome!